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We know that importing the best, tree-ripe tropical and exotic fruits means nothing without a brand name. This is why we create unique brands for the fruits exclusive to us.


There ain't nothing lucky about a Lucky 7!

It begins with the soil being treated with love and care. Each avocado ripens on the tree, absorbing all the orchard nutrients.

Our avocados are then expertly picked from the tree, locking in freshness to ensure that when you cut each one open it is the perfect avocado.


The Toucan Papaya is the mini series of fruits. Committing yourself to sit through a 3-hour long movie (or one 4.4lb papaya) can be a tough pill to swallow, but binging a 3 episode mini series is a no brainer. Each case of Toucan Papayas holds 3-5 beautiful, tree-ripe papayas with a total weight of 1.8kg (4.4lb). Eat one at a time, or eat them all at once. 

Surpassing excellence is accomplished through hard work, not by inherent divine powers. Ecuador Divine's label is a symbol for what lesser-known fruits in the Canadian market can taste like through determination and hard work.

Hailing from the great surf coast of Peru, El Paca Mangos are guaranteed fibreless, juicy, sweet and full of fun-in-the-sun flavour. Available in the Canadian fall and winter months to ensure that even though it may be cold you still feel like you're out in the sun, riding gnarly waves.


Non-GMO, Fair Trade certified and available all year round - there is nothing not to love about our Super Starr Papaya. The ultimate, tree-ripe papaya flavour here in Canada is accomplished with the Super Starr papaya by working directly with the growers. This ensures product arrives consistently, on time, and at optimal ripeness.

Snow Leopards are well adapted to their cold environments. The Snow Leopard melon on the other hand enjoys warm weather. Lucky for us, their growing season is during our Canadian winters so we don't have to worry about adapting.

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More Brands
Exclusive to Us

We are proud to be the selected Canadian distributor of the following amazing global fruit brands:

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